My Fearless Institue Story


It is said that the graveyard has within it numerous good ideas that never moved beyond ideas. I imagine there would be dreams like brilliant businesses waiting for the right time and inspiration, spectacular acts of charity waiting for great wealth, an exercise regime and so.

The Fearless Institute created the Leadership bootcamp, a programme that at first looked difficult but has been a blessing to many. It’s ambitious requirements were for the class members to read one to two books a month, write two blog posts a month, raise money (regardless of financial ability) for and actually fly to an international event, publish a book by the end of the year, attend a day long class once a month and so much more. The sheer audacity of it: who dreamt of such things? And it sounded unrealistic. Undoable. To some extent. There were some stringent rules too that shouldn’t have been made for adults. Come to class by 8.00am or come waving a one thousand shilling note. There were assignments to be submitted, following a particular format, and by a specific day. The difficulty of it.

But then despite this, we began to see people,getting these things done. Some groups would be done with their assignments within a week: well done and following the scripts. The blogs were created and the content uploaded, some outright amazing. At 8.00am on class day, most of the adults were already in school, fully compliant with the requirements. And nearly all sat through the entire class. The books were read. The international event came and passed. And the books starting getting completed: not the ones we were to read but the ones to be written. Some people spoke of their second books!.

As you may already tell, from my reference to “some people” in the preceding paragraph, I was not the most diligent of students. In fact, I hadn’t been for a long time in my life. For twenty three years to be precise. From the third form of high school, I had stopped fully participating in class activities: I had realised I could get away with not doing my assignments, and reading and so on. This indiscipline extended to medical school, the entirety of which I attended less than one quarter of medical school classes , (don’t worry, when God intervened, I found the passion for medicine and subsequently became a very good doctor. Hopefully far above average).

In over ten years, I hadn’t read more than a few pages of anything that wasn’t medical, chess or the Bible. In this class I got to do that. I had written tens of articles: in my head, and dreamt that one day, I could actually put them down, perhaps in a blog, and so it happened. I wanted to write several books: put down my thoughts on a topic such as thought argument and prejudice. I wanted to write a book on developing Kenya. I wanted to write about my childhood stories and interesting experiences in my life. I actually thought through several paragraphs in my head, but these stayed in my head for years. Until now. And suddenly in one year, I have put out a lot of writing that captures the essence of a number of the items I always wanted to write about. I have sat through more than 6 hours of lectures in a single day without distracting myself. In my life, this is a small miracle. For the first time in years, I have read and completed several books.

When I got my new job earlier in the year, I fell far back in my class activities. At some point, I contemplated dropping out. As I write this, I am far behind on my assignments, reading, and blogs. I started my book last week. However, I have determined to finish. I am required to finish all these within three weeks. It will take no less than a miracle. This is where I smile: that smile of knowing a miracle is coming. (Please look for my other post on finishing the square to understand why this is such a big deal) My hoops to harvest blog post is part of this miracle. Fearless institute is my miracle. It is also long needed-therapy for me: therapy that gets me disciplined, to put down what I should, to act, and most importantly to finish.

Because of the fearless institute’s leadership bootcamp, some of my brilliant ideas that were headed for the grave yard, have taken a detour and are now realities in life.

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